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2018 Minutes



2018 May Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00


Members Present: Dave V., Chris, Geno, Ruben, Curt, Lyle, Bob, Mark, Ron, Dan L., Mike K., Adam, Ken, Don, Mike R., George, Danny, Butch. Guests: Butch's son




Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the LBJ tournament, raffle donations and buying the TV for the raffle, the ending balance of the General Fund is $1,971.59 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $347.30.


Old Business:


Mike K. submitted a written proposal to allow for proxy votes for changes to the Constitution and By-Laws that will be voted on next time. The changes are: 1) Article 3, section 3: Remove the wording that proxy votes are not permitted. 2) Article 6, section 1, remove wording of 'members present' and re-write the section to: "The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by 2/3 vote, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least one regular meeting prior to the vote. Should a member be unable to attend the meeting where there will be a vote on an amendment to the QBC Constitution and By-Laws, he/she may vote by Proxy Vote provided to the President or Secretary in advance of the meeting."


New Business:


Raffle tickets handed out for folks to sell. We printed 500 this year. One thing to note as people are selling them is that the grand prize hunt also includes a doe, as well as the buck that's listed on the ticket.


Danny presented a weigh bag that we could get a group discount on. It's $35; no word on how much the group discount would be, but would depend on how many people bought them.


Ron presented an RTIC cup to Ken as his going away present. He will be headed up to Iowa next week and come back in the fall.


Bob mentioned that he has looked into getting QBC logos made for vehicles or cups and will report back next month with more details.


Mike Kinchen gave the name of a contact for cabins this weekend at Buchanan. Her name is Gwyn and number is (512) 793-5000.


Tournament Director's Report:


Results for LBJ - 3rd) 18.99 - Dan Leach; 2nd) 23.29 - Craig; 1st) 25.61 - Danny. Craig had BB with a 5.65.


Fishing times for Buchanan are as follows: 6:30 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at Llano County Park and 6:30 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Llano County Park.


The June tournament on Choke will occur before the next meeting on June 2-3. Fishing times are: 6:15 - 3:00 on Saturday and 6:15 - 1:00 on Sunday with both days' weigh-in at Calliham.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00.


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson


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2018 April Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:04.


Members Present: Ron, Mark, Bob, Lyle, Curt, Jason, Craig, Troy, Chris, Mike K.,Ruben, Warren, Levi, Don, Cal, George, Adam, Dan L. and Brandon.




Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the Amistad tournament and 1 new member, the ending balance of the General Fund is $1,930.59 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $347.30.


Old Business:


Language in the By-Laws - After a brief discussion and clarifications, Bob motioned and Lyle seconded to accept the changes as emailed by Mark. Vote passed.


Fundraiser - It will be held at the American Legion in Somerset on August 25 where we will be selling BBQ plates. Jordan Ford will be donating the brisket that Lyle will be smoking. The items that we have acquired, or are looking to acquire are a TV, set of bluetooth headphones, RTIC ice chest, case of RTIC tumblers, a custom made rod, and a hunt from Butch. We are also in the processing of checking with Academy for gift cards. For the raffle tickets, we are looking at getting 500 tickets, selling for $10 each. Lyle motioned and Jason seconded to firm up these details and the vote passed. It was discussed and decided that we will list 5 items on the ticket. They will be the TV, headphones, RTIC cooler, the custom rod, and the hunt. Mark motioned and Adam seconded that Bob and Ron be allotted up to $600 to purchase the TV. Vote passed.


May tournament - It was discussed to either keep the May tournament at Dunlap / Placid or move it elsewhere. Mike K. mentioned Ivie. Brandon mentioned Buchanan. Bob mentioned staying at Dunlap / Placid. A vote was taken and Ivie received 2 votes, Buchanan 7 votes, and Dunlap/Placid 6 votes, so it will be on Buchanan May 5-6.


New Business:


Mike K. expressed his interest eliminate the clause in the by-laws that prohibits proxy votes. He will write-up the changes and bring them to the next meeting.


There is a Texas B.A.S.S. nation Team Trail that eventually leads to the Bassmaster Classic. In Texas, there are 5 qualifying tournaments and a championship that starts the process. For the schedule and details on the Team Trail, visit:


Levi mentioned that this year the Medina River cleanup will be the first Saturday in May.


Open tournament - Craig to form committee to come up with logistics/rules for putting on an open tournament.


Tournament Director's Report:


Results for Amistad -3rd) Lyle - 10.26lbs; 2nd) Jason - 11.14lbs; 1st) Danny - 20.05lbs, Danny had BB with a 4.26.


Fishing times for LBJ are as follows: 6:45 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at LBJ Yacht Club and Marina. 6:45 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at LBJ Yacht Club and Marina.


Meeting adjourned at 8:03.



Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson


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2018 March Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00PM


Members Present: Ron, Mark, Bob, Craig, Chris, Jason, Mike K., Ruben, Cal, Butch, Don, Levi, Warren, Mike R., Ken, Danny, Lyle, Curt, Adam, Troy. Guests: Butch's wife




Minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the Falcon tournament, plaques, membership dues, and website dues, the ending balance of the General Fund is $1,820.59 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $347.30.


Old Business:


Fund raiser - Warren presented 3 ideas that the committee came up with. These were 1) Simply keep the raffle that we have, and come up with ideas to increase the ticket sales 2) In addition to the current raffle, have a 2nd raffle which would be smaller, consisting perhaps of about 10 items. 3) Hold a cornhole tournament at a place like the Anchor Bar. Mike K. mentioned highlighting that a percentage of funds raised go for charity.


BASS Nation Top 6 Club Challenge - We will not be sending a team due to being informed of it on short notice and it conflicting with our April tournament.


Language in by-laws for "member in good standing" - No update


Plaques for previous year - Ron presented the completed plaques to Danny for Angler of the Year and Sportsman of the Year.


New Business:


Bob mentioned a CAST for Kids event on Calaveras the same days as our LBJ tournament. So if people can't make the club tournament and wish to volunteer, they can.


Rodney (Don's son) expressed his wishes to join the club via email. After an introduction, done via proxy by Don, a vote was taken to include Rodney as a member and the vote passed unanimously.


Fundraising - Curt mentioned organizing a fundraising committee and volunteered to lead it. He will be helped by Mark, Lyle, Jason, Bob, and Butch. They will talk over things like dates and prizes, and will present their info at the next meeting. Butch mentioned that he could throw in hunts as prizes for raffle tickets.


The April meeting will be at Mark's office again.


Tournament Director's Report:


Troy mentioned that he and Dan fished Lake Dunlap this past weekend and the lake was already busy with fun boats. As we have Dunlap and Placid on the schedule for May, folks are asked to start thinking if we'd like to move the tournament to a different location.


Results for club tournament at Falcon: - 3rd) 14.86lbs Don; - 2nd) 15.99lbs Mark; - 1st) 19.52lbs Curt; - Curt had BB with 9.04.


Fishing times for Amistad are as follows: 6:35-3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at Box Canyon and 7:35-2:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Blackbrush. Note that Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday.


Meeting adjourned at 8:14.


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson


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2018 February Minutes


Meeting called to order at 6:59.


Members Present: Mark, George, Chris, Bob, Lyle, Brandon, Levi, Ken, Danny S., Rickie, Jason, Curt, Adam, Mike R., Mike K., Don, Ruben. Guest: Craig Musselman.


Minutes of the January meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: After the Coleto tournament and membership dues, the ending balance of the General Fund is $1,900.54 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $347.30.


Old Business:


Adam still needs info from folks who received bikes to pass along.


Lyla Bienhoff - Mike R. to touch base with Lyla again to see what we can do to help.


Fund raising ideas. A meeting was held and some ideas were discussed, but there is nothing to present at this time. OPEN.


Language of by-laws for "member in good standing" - No update. OPEN.


New Business:


Plaques for angler of year and sportsman of the year. Ron, via proxy, is looking for $150 for the two plaques. The name plate for the travelling big bass trophy has already been taken care of. A vote was taken to spend for the $150 on the two plaques and it passed.


Bob confirmed that the CAST for Kids event this year will be on October 20 at Coleto.


The March meeting will be held at Mark's office (still at 7:00) and he will send out information. Dan will update the website with the info that the March meeting location is moved.


Levi mentioned that he had been approached to see if our club could help in a statewide study for aging and sizing of largemouth bass. Our contribution would be removing a scale from one or two weighed in fish at each tournament and sending it in with info on the fish such as length and where it was caught. After some discussion, it appears that we can do this without much effort and without much disruption to the weigh-in process, so it was agreed that we would participate. One benefit that we will see is that a few weeks after weigh-in, Levi can report back how old a certain fish was.


Ken mentioned that the slot limit on Fayette has changed and is now 16"-24".


With some recent boating incidents at night, Mark mentioned that club members ensure that their lights are on while boating in the dark.


Craig Musselman presented himself for membership to the club and was voted in.


Tournament Director's Report:


Results for Coleto Creek -
3rd) 3.14lbs - Brandon
2nd) 11.15lbs - Bob
1st) 11.35lbs - Danny S
Bob had BB with a 5.47.


Fishing times for Falcon are as follows: 6:45 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at State Park and 6:45 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at County Ramp.


Meeting adjourned at 7:36.


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson



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2018 January Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.


Members Present: Warren, Brandon, Bob, Cal, George, Mike K, Mike R, Curt, Lyle, Troy, Jason, Mark, Don, Levi, Dave V., Chris, Ron, Eli, Geno, Dan, Dave

Guest: Rickie Doda, Rickie was voted in as a new member.


Minutes: Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: Read and approved as noted below.

Beginning Balance – $ 2,047.84

Charity Fund – $347.30

General Fund Balance $1,800.54

Ending Balance - $2,147.84

Credits: Falcon Tournament - $330.00; Lodging Refund - $100.00

Debits: Falcon Payouts - $275.00; Nation Dues - $30.00; State Dues - $25.00


Old Business:


Bob mentioned that the club never officially decided on anything regarding providing something to Lyla Bienhoff after Cal's passing. Mike R. will be in touch with her to see what we can do. – Carried Over


Bikes - Adam was able to get 21 bikes and it turned out that we also had 21 helmets available between what came with the bikes, the 15 that we bought, and the reserve helmets we had from last year. Bikes were taken by Ron, Mark, Curt, Lyle, Warren, Jason, Adam, - Reminder to provide Adam with Name and Contact Information for to what entities, persons or organization received the bike for the SAPD Audit.


New Business:


Levi to check the artificial habitats that where put out at Medina Lake, Possibly move then to deeper waters. If done, Levi to bring back New GPS Coordinates. Discussion about the conservation effort on Medina Lake. San Antonio office has decided to pull out of the re-vegetation effort until Lake Levels stabilize.


Committee was formed to bring fund raising ideas to the next scheduled meeting. Committee volunteers are Warren, Mike K, Jason, Brandon, Levi, Bob, and Mark.


Committee was formed to review the language of the bylaws to declare “member in good standing”. Committee volunteers Mark, Levi, Lyle, Dave, Warren


Mike Kitchen gave update of Share Lunkers program with Toyota, now has phone app and detail are on their website.


Tournament Director's Report:


New tournament schedule was passed out, discussed, and Passed.


2018 Schedule

  1. February 24&25: Falcon
  2. March 10&11: Amistad
  3. April 14&15: LBJ
  4. May 5&6: Dunlap (Sat) & Placid (Sun)
  5. June 2&3: ChokeCanyon
  6. July 14&15: Falcon
  7. August 11&12: Amistad
  8. September 8&9: Belton
  9. October 20&21: Coleto Creek (Cast for Kids, TBD)
  10. November 10&11: LBJ
  11. December 8&9: Travis
  12. January 12&13, 2019: Fayette (Draw)


Results for the tournament on Falcon Lake: 3rd) Curt 6.93#; 2nd) Dan S. 15.02#; 1st) Mike R with 16.07# and Big Bass – 7.38#


Fishing times for Coleto are as follows: 7:00 - 3:00 on Saturday, and 7:00 – 2 :00 on Sunday.


Meeting adjourned at 7:42.



Respectfully submitted,
Warren S. Colwell, Secretary Pro Tem


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