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2019 Minutes



2019 April Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:04.


Members Present: Adam, Bob, Ron, Craig, Jason, Mark L., Mark V., Cal, Mike K., Gary, Chris, Lyle, Geno, Ruben, Acton. Guests: Jim Behnken and Ducote lures




Minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the Choke tournament and website dues, the ending balance of the General Fund is $2,640.31 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $189.06.


Ron motioned that Jim Behnken be an honroary member of Quality Bass Club and the vote passed.


Old Business:


State tournament: We have 6 people going: Mark, Lyle, Jason, Ruben, Chris, and Gary.


C.A.S.T. for Kids event: Texas Farm Beureau covering meals for participants and volunteers. Several club members put in some hard work, and we were able to meet our fundraising goal for the event.We need to cover: - coolers with water - hot dogs (for bait) - Tackle box contents: bobbers, split shots, and hooks. Adam will get water and hot dogs. Chris will bring coolers and ice. The cost to rent the pavillion is $350. If we were to cover admission to the park for one adult per child, that would also be another $360. A motion made to have $710 out of general fund cover these two expenses and the motion passed. The start time for the event is at 08:00, so volunteers are asked to get there at 7:00. Adam will get name tags printed prior to the event. He will also print out a list of the kids' names for the photraphers. Jim mentioned that what works well is to take a picture of the kid's badge before taking a picture of the kid so that when the photos come out, we know which kid the picture is of. These instructions will be passed to the photography crew, who after being nominated by their husbands, will consist of Tiff and Jennifer. Terry Colwell will run the registration table.


Ron motioned that Jim Behnken be an honroary member of Quality Bass Club and the vote passed.


New Business:


Mark Valdez expressed interest in joining the club and was voted in.


Fundraiser: Lyle will chair the committee. By next meeting, committee should bring ideas for raffle items that we can include on the tickets. The committee members are Ron, Bob, Lyle, and Warren.


Mark motioned and Adam seconded to spend $1500 for the State tournament, including the entry fees and per diems.


Tournament Director's Report:


Results for Choke 3) 5.38lbs - Chris; 2) 8.52lbs - Mike R.; 1) 9.25lbs - Jason; BB of 4.2lbs - Jason


Fishing times for Amistad are as follows: 7:00 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at Box Canyon. 7:00 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Blackbrush.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50.



Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson


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2019 March Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00PM


Members Present: Ken, Adam, Warren, Craig, Ron, Bob, Mark, Lyle, Acton, Curt, Mike K., Jason, Troy, Chris, Ruben, Levi, Butch, Don, Gary, Mike R., and Cal. Guest: Mark Valdez




Minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the Falcon tournament, the ending balance of the General Fund is $2,585.26 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $189.06.


Old Business:


Changes to Tournament Rules - Changes proposed at previous meeting all passed.


State Tournament - Boaters wishing to go to State Tournament need to bring the Declarations page from their insurance policy to the April meeting.


C.A.S.T. event - Folks who still haven't registered as volunteers need to do so by following this link: We haven't raised very much so far, so folks are strongly encouraged to solicit donations.


New Business:


Curt was presented with last year's plaque for Big Bass.


Troy will have a representative from the San Antonio Metro League of Bass Clubs come talk to us about us possibly joining their league and fishing their tournaments.


Tournament Director's Report:


Troy mentioned that he and Dan fished Lake Dunlap this past weekend and the lake was already busy with fun boats. As we have Dunlap and Placid on the schedule for May, folks are asked to start thinking if we'd like to move the tournament to a different location.


Results for club tournament at Falcon: - 3rd) 14.75lbs - Lyle -2nd) 18.53lbs - Adam -1st) 19.05lbs - Mike R. Mike R. had BB with an 8.88.


Fishing times for Choke are as follows: 6:30 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at Calliham 7:30 - 2:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Calliham. Note that Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45.


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson


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2019 February Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00.


Members Present: Lyle, Adam, Steve, Don, Acton, Mike K., Craig, Ron, Mark, Warren, Butch, Bob, Chris, Jason, Mike R., Curt, Ruben, and Gary.


Minutes of the January meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: After the Fayette tournament, membership dues, state/nation dues, and shirt sales, the ending balance of the General Fund is $2,495.26 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $189.06.


Old Business:


C.A.S.T For Kids - 20 kids have signed up so far. Club members need to register as volunteers by following this link: If anyone knows organizations that work with special needs kids, they are encouraged to reach out to them to get them to sign up. Donations are tax deductible, as they go to C.A.S.T. Curt has been in touch with Kens 5, and Barry Davis will come out to cover the event and the segment will air the following Friday.


New Business:


State Championship tournament on Belton was moved to April 26-27 (from the fall)for the composition of the 2020 State Team. State tournaments will now be in the spring, until it changes again. The Board of Directions met on this issue and discussed that since our by-laws were recently changed for the tournament year to follow the Texas B.A.S.S. Nation year, the club will simply use points from the 2018 calendar year to get the line-up of boaters/non-boaters. We need to know by the next meeting who will be going.


Mark proposed the following changes to the Tournament Rules in writing for vote at the next meeting, requiring a 2/3 majority of members present.
1) Section 10.c., removing the restriction to fish at least 6 tournaments to qualify to go to the State Tournament, leaving the rule to read, "The club will allow any member in good standing (paid yearly dues and has not been sanctioned by Board of Directors) for the qualifying year to attend, up to the tournament max."
2) Section 8.h. regarding members weighing in on the same scales, prompted by the recent tournament where we used loaner scales from TP&W. The proposed rule will read, "All members must weigh in on the same scales at the discretion of the Tournament Director."
3) Section 14 regarding paper tournaments which must currently all be in the draw format. The proposed rule (in its entirety) reads, "The format of paper tournaments will be voted on by members fishing the tournament. The scoring sheet for paper tournaments will be handed out before the tournament."


Tournament Director's Report:


Results for Fayette -
3rd) 11.75 lbs - Lyle
2nd) 21.75 lbs - Mike R.
1st) 26.75 lbs - Bob
Bob had BB with a 6.00.


Fishing times for Falcon are as follows: 6:45 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at State Park. 6:45 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at County Ramp.


Mike K. has a place reserved for the weekend that fishes 15 people and currently has 10 comitted. The address of the place is 130 N Jab, Zapata, TX.


A sleep-deprived Curt Covey was presented with the AOY award plaque for 2018 to thunderous applause.


Meeting adjourned at 8:11.


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson



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2019 January Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.


Members Present: Ron, Ken, Mark, Bob, Mike R., Warren, Chris, Jason, Gary, Don, Steve, Ruben, Geno, Adam, Lyle, Craig, Justin, and Levi.


Minutes: Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: After the Travis tournament, meat for the Christmas party, and plaques, the ending balance of the General Fund is $2,209.26 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $189.06.


Old Business:


C.A.S.T for kids - We are looking at having the event on Sunday, April 28 at Morgan's Wonderland before the park opens to the general public. In addition to the $3,500 that we're raising for the C.A.S.T. organization, there will be a $350 cost from the park itself to use a pavilion where we can have festivities like the awards ceremonies. C.A.S.T. has a chuck wagon that will provide food for the event. We will be raising funds for the $3,500. All money raised will go to the C.A.S.T. organization, not QBC, so that should be kept in mind as folks solicit donations. It was mentioned that we'll resurrect the 'beg letter' and fashion it towards this event.


State meeting at Belton - There will be 5 regions this year, as a Northwest region was formed from combining the west and panhandle regions. With only 5 regions instead of 6, this means that to compose the 20-person state team, there will be an extra spot on both the boater and non-boater side up for grabs at the State Championship. It has been decided that this year's state championship will be on Belton.


New Business:


Baby Covey arrived this morning and the report is that the baby and mother are doing well.


Ruben was presented with plaque for Sportsman of the Year.


Tournament Section:


Registration is now open for 2019 B.A.S.S. Nation South Region tournaments.


2019 Tournament schedule was presented, voted on and passed as follows:


2019 Schedule

Feb 9-10:   Falcon
Mar 9-10:   Choke
Apr 13-14:   Amistad
May 18-19:   Buchanan
Jun 8-9:   O.H. Ivie
July 13-14:   Amistad
Aug 10-11:   Choke
Sep 7-8:   Falcon
Oct 5-6:   Belton
Nov 9-10:   Austin
Dec 7-8:   Bastrop
Jan 11-12, 2020:   Fayette (Draw)


Results for Travis - 3rd) 11.27 lbs - Jason; 2nd) 11.84 lbs - Troy; 1st) 13.05 lbs - Craig. Craig had BB with a 6.82.


Our upcoming tournament on Fayette will use the catch-weigh-release format with loaner scales from TP&W that have been calibrated. When weighing a fish, the weight to be marked on the scorecard is the last line on the scale that can be seen. Prior to Saturday's tournament day, everyone will get orange tackle boxes with scales, pens, scorecard, and clipboards. These are to be picked up from Mark at the Whataburger in La Grange or at the ramp. Mark will tentatively be at the Whataburger at 6:00.


Fishing times for Fayette are as follows: 7:00 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at Park Prarie park. 7:00 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Park Prarie park.


Pairings for Fayette (boater listed first) - Saturday -Jason & Ken; Chris & Geno; Mark & Ron; Bob & Lyle; Troy & Ruben; Mike R. & Adam; Warren & Justin; Craig & Gary. Sunday - Troy & Geno; Craig & Adam; Jason & Justin; Chris & Ron; Bob & Ruben; Mike R. & Gary; Warren & Ken; Mark & Lyle.


Meeting adjourned at 7:49.



Respectfully submitted,
Adam Johanson


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