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2020 Minutes



2020 July Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:01PM


Members Present: Warren, Curt, Troy, Mike K., Mark L., Dan, Geno, Craig, Mike R., Chris, and Ron. Guests: Jesse and Vanessa Boggs




Minutes of the June meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the Choke tournament, the balance of the General Fund is $3287.15, balance of the Charity Fund is $1296.16 for an ending balance $4583.31.


Old Business:


Warren and Mark continue to work on the new jerseys. Mark has not been able to get TPWD to respond/provide their logo. Warren will provide updates from the manufacturer soonest.


Ron continues to work issues for the C.A.S.T. event scheduled for April 2021. There are 3 Wal-Mart requests for $1000 each that were submitted, and are currently under review.


New Business:


Jesse Boggs and Vanessa Boggs presented themselves for membership. They were both unanimously accepted.


Mark made a motion to have the yearly raffle without having the yearly fund raising event. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.
- Warren volunteered and will chair the raffle. He will identif dates and coordinate with Mark to print tickets.
- Discussion on items to be raffled included a hunt donated by Butch, weapons from Sons of Liberty Gun Works (Ron is working with SOLGW to come up with how many), Craig is working with guide that will provide a fishing trip, a cooler and custom fishing rod from Adam Johansen (Ron will contact Adam to see if this is possible). Mike Kinchen will investigate a Falcon guided fishing trip.


Tournament Director's Report:


Results for Choke: 3rd) 14.59lbs - Mike R.; 2nd) 15.71bs - Craig; 1st) 17.79lbs - Ken. Guest Jesse Boggs had BB with a 4.25.


Amistad tournament is postponed.


Meeting adjourned at 7:37PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Ron, Mark and Dan


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2020 June Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:05PM


Members Present: All members were given meeting points because of technical difficulties with Google Meeting. Guest Brodie Stoddard.




Minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the Canyon tournament, the balance of the General Fund is $3080.15, balance of the Charity Fund is $1296.16 for an ending balance $4376.31.


Old Business:


CAST event - Morgan's Wonderland is closed for the season, so after some discussion on ways to go, Ron motioned and it was seconded to postpone this year's event until April 2021. The motion passed.


Warren provided an update on club jerseys. Still coordinating with vendor.


New Business:


Brodie Stoddard presented himself for membership. He will fish as a guest this month and decide about joining later.


Tournament Director's Report:


Results for Canyon -3rd) Bob; 2nd) Will; 1st) Butch. Will had BB with a 6.55.


Fishing times for Choke are as follows: 6:15 - 3:00 on Saturday and 6:15 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Calliham Unit.

Meeting adjourned at 7:38.


Respectfully submitted,

Dan, Ron and Will


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2020 May Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00


Members Present: William, Warren, Ron, Mark, Mike R., Lyle, Curt, Dan, Rueben, Troy, Mike K. Adam, Geno, Fletch, Brandon, Kendell, Craig, Bob




Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


No change after Amistad. The beginning balance was $7,181.31. The charity fund is $1,296.16. The general fund is $2,950.15. The ending balance is $4,246.31.


Old Business:


Warren updated jersey layout and logos. Mark asked that Gateway logo be taken off. Haws Boys logo to be corrected. Dan mentioned white background in logo blocks, Warren has addressed this and hopefully it will be removed and cleaned up.


New Business:


Ron mentioned no update to report on 2020 C.A.S.T. event. C.A.S.T. did mention they will be practicing social distancing protocol for all 2020 events. Adam requested a volunteer for a new C.A.S.T. register coordinator. Warren accepted and will take over that position.


Dan suggested a plaque for Adam to say thank you for all he has done for the club and good luck. Motion was made and all members in favor. Thank you Adam!!


Tournament Director's Report:


No April tournament.


May tournament- Canyon Lake- launch at ramp 23 Cranes Mill. Saturday time: 6:20 am- 3:00pm Sunday time: 6:20am-1:00pm


Reminder: There is very little light at this ramp. Get to ramp early, the lake has been very crowded lately. Weigh in will be one at a time with next person at the ready. Mark will call you up when he is ready for the next person. Social distancing practices will apply.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35.


Respectfully submitted,

William Covington


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2020 April Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00 via Zoom.


Members Present: Mike K., Adam, Mark, Mike R., Curt, Geno, Warren, Troy, Will, Butch, Chris, Cal, Craig, Lyle, Fletch, Ruben, Kendall, Ron, Brandon




Not provided


Treasurer's Report:


Not provided


Old Business:


Jerseys - Warren presented new jerseys will be ordering them with some minor corrections that were mentioned. Ron motioned, Mark seconded, and the vote passed.


C.A.S.T. - Ron has contacted people who have registered, informing them that thedate has been moved to October 4. We have 40 kids signed up.


Secretary - Will accepted the position and will commence in turnover activities.


New Business:




Tournament Director's Report:


State and national parks are now temporarily closed. For this month's tournament on Choke, Warren motioned to postpone the April tournament until it is clearer when restrictions regarding social distancing are lifted. Lyle seconded and the vote passed.


Meeting adjourned at 7:37.



Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson


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2020 March Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00PM


Members Present: Adam, Bob, Will, Chris, Ron, Warren, Mark, Lyle, Mike K., Mike R., Ruben, Geno, Craig, Cal. Guests: Joseph Brown and Clayton Glover.




Minutes of the February meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report:


After the Falcon tournament, Wells Fargo getting things straightened out with Adam's check from the fundraiser, paying the State Championship fees, CAST pavillion rental, and plaques, the ending balance of the General Fund is $5,885.15 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $1,296.16.


Old Business:


Jerseys - Warren presented a re-designed jersey for the club's consideration. There was a one-time $60 setup fee with the vendor. The price per jersey depends on how many are ordered, but will be somewhere around $45 each. Mark motioned and Craig seconded for this to be our new club jersey. Vote passed. Warren will send out an email asking for folks' orders.


CAST for Kids - We've paid for the pavillion. Ron re-iterated the need for sponsors. In addition to the financial aspect of it, we need to get this lined out for the T-shirts. Fortiline has stepped up again and will be donating $1,000. Warren needs a W-9 for this. Here is the link for folks to donate to the event: donate. Everyone needs to go sign up as a Shore Volunteer for the event. Here is the link: sign up. We currently have 26 kids signed up, and the event is capped at 40. Adam is to contact kids from last year's waiting list. Fortiline is good for $1,000. Day of the event logistics: Bait - Adam; Plaques, t-shirts, tackle boxes - Bob; Tackle - Craig.


New Business:


Adam mentioned that he will be moving to the Plano area for a new job, so will have to step down as club secretary. Will was volunteered and will be considering the opportunity.


Prospective new members Joseph Brown, Clayton Glover discussed joining the club and will fish a tournament as guests to see if they would like to join.


Tournament Director's Report:


State Championship next week on Amistad: Everyone (boaters and non-boaters) must have Mexican fishing license and present it on Thursday night at the registration meeting. Wednesday and Thursday are official practice days and the fishing times for Wednesday are those bound by safe light. On Thursday, the hours are safe light to 4:00 pm. Boat must be on the trailer at 4:00. There will be no pre-tournament boat inspection, but random boat checks will occur each tournament day. Every club is required to bring a raffle item valued at $50 or more. Craig will pick up the item and bring it to the tournament this weekend.


Per-diem for State: A $4,000 per-diem was motioned and voted on and the vote passed. The breakout of the per-diem is in the Tournament Rules on the website.


Results for Falcon: (1-day, as day 2 was cancelled). 3rd) 2.97lbs - Craig; 2nd) 4.21lbs - Warren; 1st) 9.38lbs - Ruben. Ruben had BB with a 4.31.


Fishing times for Amistad are as follows: 6:45 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at Box Canyon. 7:45 - 2:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Blackbrush. Don't forget the time change on Sunday morning.


Meeting adjourned at 7:54.


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson


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2020 February Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00.


Members Present: Adam, Ron, Chris, Geno, Craig, Mark, Ruben, Craig, Lyle, Troy, Mike R., Will, Warren, Cal, Mike K., Butch. Guests: Brandon King, Steven Fletcher, and Kendall Kidd.


Minutes of the January meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: After the Fayette tournament, the ending balance of the General Fund is $7,475.79 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $1,296.16.


Old Business:


Plaques - Ron presented Curt's cousin Jason with a plaque of thanks for doing the cooking for our fundraiser. Butch was also presented with a plaque of thanks for the donation of our biggest ticket item for the fundraiser, the deer hunt. Mike Robbins was also presented with the 2019 Big Bass plaque.


CAST for Kids event - Registrations have started rolling in. Ron motioned to spend $175 for the event fee and $175 for the pavillion fee. Mike K. seconded and vote passed. Ron motioned to spend money for the food for the catering at Morgan's Wonderland. Last year, this cost was reimbursed by CAST as Texas Farm Bureau wound up covering it. Curt seconded and the vote passed. Ron also mentioned that there is no charge for children to enjoy the park after the event. However, parents and sponsors would have to pay the admission fee. We have $900 left in our CAST account from last year and last year's admission cost was $828. $1,300 total expenses (bait, sponsor admission, etc.). Ron motioned for us to cover this admission expense, Mark seonded, and vote passed. We hope for sponsors to cover the $3,500 fee to CAST. We need to get the donors identified soon so that we can get their logos on the merchandise, such as T-shirts.


Dan Leach is home from the hospital, but has a bit of a recovery ahead of him.


New Business:


Shirt / jersey orders - Warren reached out to Dan about an order and will be sending an email out with information such as the prices.


Troy mentioned QBC joining the Metro Legaue of Bass Clubs. They meet 2nd Wednesday of month and the cost is $30 for club to join. This is the cost for the entire club, not per club member. There are yearly tournaments where we compete as a club against other clubs in the city where there are many prize categories. The main tournament this year is on Falcon October 5-6 and currently coincides with our Buchanan tournament. Mark motioned to join Metro, Troy seconded, and the vote passed. Troy will attend their next meeting on behalf of QBC.


Bob and Lyle had a very difficult time getting Treasurer turned over at Wells Fargo. They spent 4 hrs at the bank trying to get it setup and the only outcome was that Wells Fargo needed an official letter from QBC that listed the current club officers. Bob also had a terrible time trying to get a check deposited from the fund raiser when their check-reading machine added an extra "2" to an account number and they never did get it straightened out. In turning over the Treasurer role, Bob mentioned that there are currently extra duties that are currently done by the Treasurer that could be distributed elsewhere in the club. In the coming months, expect to see a proposed change to the by-laws to help distribute these duties around. Some of these duties include managing the club roster and paperwork associated with the State Championship.


Ron mentioned having a "keeper" plaque for big bass for individuals to keep when they return the travelling Big Bass plaque at the end of the year. Ron will bring design considerations and prices to the next meeting.


Prospective new members - Kendall Kidd, Brandon King, and Steven Fletcher (aka "Fletch") presented themselves for membership into the club and all votes passed.


Tournament Director's Report:


State Championship tournament - The State has again changed the rules for club participation back to the 60% rule where we can only send up to 60% of our members (rather than sending however many people want to go). This means that we can only send 10 people. The entry fee has also gone up to $135 for boaters and $85 for non-boaters. Non-penetrating cull tags must be used.


Results for Fayette - 3rd) 15.75lbs - Ruben; 2nd) 20.75 lbs - Mike R.; 1st) 21.25lbs - Troy. Troy had BB with a 7.50.


This weekend's tournament at Falcon: The Veleño bridge is currently a hazard, with the lake being 37ft low. It might be marked, but boaters are advised to exercise caution if not familiar with how to navigate out of the Veleño.


Mike K. currently has the house rented by Amigo that we've stayed at before. A few meal ideas were discussed and Troy and Ron will bring meat, Adam will bring potato salad, Mark will bring chips and dip, and other folks can bring whatever they would like to contribute.


Fishing times are as follows: 7:00 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at County Ramp and 7:00 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at County Ramp. 5-fish limits both days, and traditional weigh-in.


Meeting adjourned at 8:11.


Respectfully submitted,

Adam Johanson



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2020 January Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.


Members Present: Bob, Will, George, Gary, Mike K., Mark, Chris, Troy, Ron, Craig, Warren, Lyle, Curt, Ruben, Mike R.. Guests: Bella.


Minutes: Minutes of the December meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's Report: After the Christmas donation and meat for the Christmas party, the ending balance of the General Fund is $7,551.54 and the ending balance of the Charity Fund is $1,296.16.


Old Business:


Plaques - Ron will have them next meeting.


CAST for Kids - Date is April 26. We anticipate that spots will fill quickly, so folks are encouraged to reach out to kids they know who might be interested in participating. Preliminary logistics were discussed and Chris volunteered for coolers and ice. Folks who had contacts for sponsors were encouraged to reach out to them for support this year. For printing photos, Warren will test the club's photo printer from the Fishing for Freedom events with the intention of using it for the event.


Craig brought a letter of thanks from the San Antonio / New Braunfels Food Bank.Our $400 donation helped to produce meals for 2,800 people.


New Business:


Craig has looked into lodging for the State Championship at Amistad at the Air Force marina. The cost is $215/week (total) or $50/night. There are up to 4 cabins available for rent and each cabin can sleep at least 4 people.


Dan Leach, a charter member of our club, had a recent health scare but is recovering and expected to return home in the next few days. He is currently at BAMC and we're told that he can take visitors and phone calls.


Tournament Section:


There was no tournament since the previous meeting.


State Championship on March 13-14 at Amistad:People will have to commit by the next meeting if they are planning on fishing. Possible boaters should bring a copy of the Declarations page of their insuranceto the next meeting.


The proposed 2020 tournament schedule was presented. After some discussion, it was voted on and passed.


2020 Schedule

Feb 8-9:   Falcon
Mar 7-8:   Amistad
Apr 18-19:   Choke
May 16-17:   Canyon
Jun 6-7:   Choke
July 11-12:   Amistad
Aug 8-9:   Falcon
Sep 26-27:   Medina
Oct 10-11:   Buchanan
Nov 7-8:   Conroe
Dec 5-6:   Falcon
Jan 9-10, 2021:   Fayette (Draw)


The May and June tournaments coincide with South Region tournaments.


Fishing times and pairings for Fayette are as follows: 7:00 - 3:00 on Saturday with weigh-in at Park Prairie. 7:00 - 1:00 on Sunday with weigh-in at Park Prairie.


Pairings for this weekend are listed with the boater first: Saturday: Warren & Will; Geno & Mark; Mike R. & Chris; Bob & Gary; Troy & Ron; Craig & Ruben. Sunday:Bob & Ron; Geno & Will; Warren & Chris; Craig & Ruben; Mike R. & Mark; Troy & Gary. The format of the tournament will be catch, weigh, and release, using the TP&W scales.


Meeting adjourned at 7:44.



Respectfully submitted,
Adam Johanson


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